How to verify SunPay corporate account?

Step 1: specify personal data of company’s directors, shareholders and beneficial owner.

Step 2: select documents certifying the identity of company’s beneficial owner.

Next, enter all data from the document in the fields of the form and upload files. Make sure that the picture quality is high because the document must be clearly scanned.

Step 3: Enter residential address of company’s beneficial owner and upload utility bill, bank statement, phone bill or any other document confirming the address.

Step 4: provide information about the company, nature of business, transactions volume, website, and upload basic corporate documents of the company.

How to verify SunPay personal account?

Step 1: specify your personal details.

Step 2: select a document confirming your identity which you need to upload for review.

Next, enter all data from the document in the next field and upload an image file of the document. Make sure that the picture quality is high because the document must be clearly scanned.

Step 3: Indicate your residential address and upload an address proof – utility bill, bank statement, phone bill or some other document confirming your address.

Accounts in which currencies can be opened?

The standard package provides for automatic opening of accounts in 3 currencies: CAD, EUR, USD. We have the opportunity to open an account in more than 25 currencies!

Is there any control of operations for compliance?

Certainly. The company is fully obliged to comply with all the requirements defined by the laws of the EU and CA concerning the procedures for identifying customers, monitoring their payments.

How to open an account in SunPay

To become a client of SunPay international money transfer services and start sending/receiving payments, simply create an account by filling out a total of 4 fields:

Account Type 

“Personal” for individuals and “Corporate” for companies and organizations;


Your email inbox, which will be linked to the account;


Try to make it a complex combination of letters and numbers in different registers;

Secret word 

It is used when you contact Customer Care Service and in situations where you need to pass an additional personal identification.

Once your account is set up, you get into your personal space in SunPay.

What transactions can be made from an account?

On the whole, account service in the payment company SunPay is no different from the service in the bank.

Customers have the possibility to:

1. Open accounts in different currencies.

2. Receive/send funds to/from their accounts using SunPay system.

3. Perform currency conversion operations.

At what rate are the currency conversion operations performed?

When performing a conversion operation, the client sees the rate established by the system. Besides, we provide the opportunity to establish a contractual rate for a specific transaction. This requires the Client’s personal communication with the dealer of the payment company.

Is it possible to issue a payment card to the account?

At the moment, the service of issuing payment cards is not provided. But we are working on this task and plan to implement this product by the end of 2021.

What languages are used for customer support/service?

The employees of the payment company are fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Is it possible to get a loan?

The license we possess does not allow us to provide a crediting service. But among our partners there are crowdfunding companies that will happily consider the issue of attracting financing for the development of your business.

Does the client have an IBAN account number?

Yes, we can provide accounts in IBAN format.

Is it possible to make payments within the payment company between different clients?

Yes, transfers within the payment company between accounts of different clients are possible and are carried out almost instantly.







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