Your new bank

The platform provides complex payment solutions both for corporate and retail

Company registration

Start your business and open an account for payments in just one click!

  • Set up your limited company quickly – all it takes is filling in a 15-minute form and then you’ll be ready to go in a matter of days
  • There is no need to go anywhere, the application form is entirely online
  • Within a week you will have everything you need to start trading – from official documents to a registered address, company secretary and account for payments

Solution for retail

Accounts and Cards

Finally, currency accounts that put the power in your hands. You can choose from over 25 currencies.

Mobile App

We give you borderless payment platform. Buy, store, exchange and spend your currencies, anytime, anywhere.

Wallet and Exchange

Your truly global account. Exchange currencies, instantly – you always get the best deal.


Do you need fast and reliable payments around the World? We will provide you with SEPA and International payments.


Earn up to 0.5% back every time you use your SunPay card in shops, restaurants, on transport and more.

Concierge and Lounges

Concierge service 24/7 via app and business lounges in the airports

Full control. Smart tools.

The platform provides complex solutions both for corporate and retail services in the sphere of payments, investments, insurance and even concierge service. All technologies fine-tuned with more than 3 years of development and testing.

Let’s Get Started

We are working on the tools, services and ideas that will make your daily banking and payments easier, more efficient and safer.

Our services

SEPA Payments

You can pay less for SEPA and International transfers using our own bank accounts. Having a large number of correspondent relationships helps us make payments very quickly.

International Payments

Yes, we can provide International payments in US dollars! Please compare our fees with the rates set in your current bank! No hidden fees, fast and efficient payments.

Currency exchange operations

You can convert currencies at extremely low prices. We can provide this service for more than 25 currencies. Exchange rates are also available upon agreement with the dealer.

IBAN account

An account for sending and receiving payments. For most of our customers, opening takes place within 5 days. Simplification is our philosophy. We care about transparency and security.

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