Complaints or claims about the provision of payment services by Sunpay customers mean any adverse experience of the SUN PAY LIMITED customers.

Claims mean the customer’s dissatisfaction with the service execution procedures or negotiations with Sunpay employees or General issues not regulated by the contract concluded between the Customer and Sunpay.

Complaints mean that the Client reveals violations of the terms of the contract concluded between the client and SUN PAY LIMITED.

The complaints procedure sets out the requirements, procedure and timing of complaints resolution, information about points of contact and responsible persons, and other items required for the Sunpay complaint or claims processing.

The complaint procedure is a public document and is available at the company’s office (in printed form), on the company’s website (in electronic form).

The procedure for handling Complaints shall enter into force from 14 December 2020.



1.1. The client fills in and sends the form for filing complaints or claims published on the website, which contains the following information:

• name and surname of the client, address of permanent residence;

• contact phone number, contact email address;

• transaction number that is the subject of the complaint;

• date and time of the transaction / payment that is the subject of the complaint / claim;

• additional information relating to the subject of the complaint / claim;

• client proposal as to ways of solving the situation;

• date of complaint or claim.

1.2. If the form does not contain all the necessary information, the company has the right to send a request to the client within 15 calendar days for filling in missing data.

1.3. The submission of a complaint or claim by the client may be made at any point of contact referred to in article 2 of this procedure.



2.1. The first contact points for complaints and the possibility of further contacting the following:

Contact point: 106-460 DOYLE ROAD, KELOWNA, BC, V1Y0C2, CANADA

Days and hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 -16: 00

Responsible person (name, job function): Kurganskyy Leonid, Director

Contact email:

Days and hours: Complaints are accepted continuously

Responsible person (name, job function): Kurganskyy Leonid, Director

Contact Phone : +1 202 773 3960

Days and hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 -16: 00

Responsible person (name, job function): Kurganskyy Leonid, Director

2.2. If the client is not satisfied with management, solution or as a result of his complaint / claim, the claim may be addressed to the competent administrative authority (alternative dispute resolution). This administrative body is:

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Phone: For services in English: 1-866-461-FCAC (3222)
For services in French: 1-866-461-ACFC (2232)
For calls from the Ottawa area or from outside Canada: 613-996-5454
Teletypewriter (TTY): 1-866-914-6097 / 613-947-7771

Fax: 1-866-814-2224 / 613-941-1436

Mailing Address:
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
427 Laurier Avenue West, 6th Floor
Ottawa ON K1R 1B9



3.1. Within 24 hours since receipt of the complaint / claim form through the relevant contact point the authorized person of the company informs the client of the following information::

a) registration number of the complaint or claim;

b) the person responsible for handling complaint or claim;

c) deadline for processing and resolving complaint or claim;

d) contact points for further communication and data interchange related to the complaint / claim.

3.2. To obtain relevant evidence and information to deal with the complaint / claim, contact person or another authorized employee of the client is entitled to request documentation, including, but not limited to, personal documents and business contracts. In case the customer does not supply adequate documentation within a reasonable time, or in case of any doubt about the authenticity of the documents provided, the company will require additional information.

3.3. The costs of processing complaints / claims borne by the company.



4.1. The company shall provide the client with a response to his / her complaints or claims related to the provision of payment services within 15 working days after the date of receipt of such complaint or claim. The response to the complaint or claim is provided by e-mail messages that are delivered to the customer at the e-mail address specified during registration. At the request of the client, the Company gives an answer in writing, that is, on the letterhead with the signature and seal of the head.

4.2. If, due to circumstances beyond the company’s control, the Company is unable to respond to the complaint or claim within 15 working days after the day of its receipt or if the essence of the complaint or claim requires a longer period of investigation and clarification of the details of the case, the company will provide the user with information about these circumstances within 15 working days and provide a response no later than 30 working days after the day of receipt of the complaint or claim

4.3. If the company has obstacles to respond to a complaint or claim within 15 working days after the date of receipt, the responsible employee sends a notification to the client stating the reason for the delay and setting realistic deadlines for processing the complaint / claim. During the consideration of complaints / claims, the responsible person remains in contact with the client and answers any questions or receives additional information to the complaint or claim.



5.1. SUN PAY LIMITED is authorized to reject the complaint in the following cases:

a) The complaint does not contain all the necessary requirements for the identification and investigation of complaints and the client provides no supplement information prompted by the responsible person within the period of 15 calendar days;

b) The fault is not proven by any documented or trusted evidence;

c) The subject of the dispute is resolved by litigation or Financial Arbiter.

5.2. The company will prepare a response to the complaint within the period referred to in Section 4, specifying the reason for refusal to deal with the complaint.



6.1. In the event of detection of fraud or technical problem during the payment services provision, the client is asked to report this issue to the helpline or directly from employees of the establishment of the company or employees authorized representative with whom the client contacts.

6.2. The procedure of solving the identified fraud / technical glitches client will be informed in the same way as the solution to the complaint / claim (method described in Part III of the complaint line).

6.3. In the event of fraud or technical problem detection in the process of payment services provision, the customer may report this problem to the support line or directly to the company management or authorized representatives of the Company with whom the customer contacts.

6.4. The client will be informed of the results of the resolution of the detected fraud / technical failures in the same way as in process of complaints / claims resolution (in the manner described in part III of this procedure).


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